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What features are supported in the Sandbox?

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  • Published 09/02/2017 02:00 AM
  • Updated 09/02/2017 02:00 AM
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What features are supported in the Sandbox?


The Sandbox allows you to test applications developed with the eBay API in a simulated environment.  The Sandbox is a 'mini' eBay environment that simulates current features available on the eBay Production Site.  The Sandbox is accessible via the WebSite interface at and via the Sandbox API Gateway at for XML API applications and for SOAP API applications.

Sandbox Feature Support

All features are supported on the Sandbox except for the following, which is a representation of the high-level features:

  • Stores - About the Seller
  • Trust and safety checks for fradulent or inappropriate listings
  • All Skype related features. For example, going into MyeBay account preferences and selecting Skype Preferences, and clicking on the 'Link a Skype Name' button will not work
  • Gallery Images
  • Completed Search
  • eBay Blogs
  • eBay Customer Service
  • site
  • View Account, View Invoice & GetAccount
    [ This functionality was changed because the old GetAccount call was not reflective of the Site. The old call and webflow were reflective of our old billing system and not representative of the system we installed in Production in February of 2004. The fees were incorrect and extremely outdated, and the old system could barely function. The new billing system is very large, very complex, and involves external 3rd party integration which makes it impossible to completely implement in the Sandbox. We were able to stub out the GetAccount and GetInvoice functions with test users, and install part of the system so that these stubbed out users could reflect the latest pricing and promotional changes on the Site. The following is a list of userid/password pairs that can be used to make the GetAccount call in the Sandbox. ]
       The account data returned for these users will be stretched out over the last 2 months.
       Please note that the account entry data returned will not change.
       Effectively the timestamps on the account entries are updated to keep the existing data recent.


For details on some specific functions, processes and features that are not supported in the Sandbox, please see this Knowlede Base article:

Unsupported features list for the Sandbox 
Sandbox Metadata and Version Rollout
  • Version for metadata such as Categories, Attributes, Catalogs etc. is up to 1 week behind production
  • Version for the WebSite features is up to 1 week behind production
  • API version is up to 1 week behind production

Suggestions and Product Enhancements

If you have a suggestion for additional features that should be supported, please provide your feedback in the forum "Feedback, Comments, Suggestions" at

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