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Creating multi-line or combined orders in sandbox

How to create multi-line orders in sandbox ?

Why am I getting 0 orders back when I am using <ListingType>Half</ListingType> in my GetOrders call when I know I have half orders?

I can see half orders in my half account Sales page (

GetOrders is throwing warning -21917182

Why is GetOrders returning warning-21917182 instead of giving the order details ?

Using GetSellerList to retreve a seller's items that were not listed in the certain categories in Java SDK

How to retrieve a seller's items that are not:1) Vehicles2) Real Estate

Troubleshooting User Token issues

Here are some common issues with user tokens their resolutions: On the eBay sign in page, I ge...

List of error codes and error messages

Where can I get a list of error codes and their error message strings?

Listing flow for items with variations

What is the flow for listing items with variations?

Changing the store category for my listed items

How can I change the store category ID for my active items?

Getting the list of best offers

How can I get a list of best offers for all of my items?

GetPromotionalSaleDetails sample in using SOAP

GetPromotionalSaleDetails sample in using SOAP