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Removing InternationalShippingServiceOptions in SDK JAVA

 Removing the InternationalShippingServiceOptions in SDK JAVA

Getting ErrorCode programmatically in Java SDK

I am getting an SdkException with ErrorCode 931 in API response. How do I get hold of the returned E...

Parse Duration data type in Java.

There is no data wrapper type in the eBay JAVA SDK nor in javax.xml, how can I parse the Duration va...

Java SDK - Exception in thread 'main' java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

I am getting Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError as below when runs a java sta...

Rebuilding the Java SDK with a newer WSDL version

How do I rebuild the Java JAXB SDK with a newer WSDL version

Revise item won't drop shipping options when they are not included.

I want to drop shipping options so I revise my item and leave out the unwanted shipping details. Aft...

How to interact with Open eBay Framework

How to interact with Open eBay Framework? Do you have a sample application that demonstrate the proc...

Replying member messages with AddMemberMessageRTQ Trading API

What API should I use to reply eBay member messages?

How to interact with Open eBay Application Services

How do I interact with Open eBay Application Services?

LMS FileTransferService APIs time out with Java SOAP client

I am getting when using Java web service to make LMS FileTransferSer...