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Open eBay Apps - Digital Signature Authentication and User Token Decryption sample code

Summary  When an eBay user subscribes, cancels the subscription, clicks the Star...

Open eBay Apps- Dynamic Resizing for URL-type gadgets

Implement dynamic resizing for URL type gadgets

Open eBay Apps- Handling Browser Privacy/3rd Party Cookie Settings

Some of Open eBay Apps are not working when a user's browser privacy settings has disabled 3rd party...

Open eBay Apps - PHP XML sample for OpeneBayIdentityProviderService.login API

Illustrates how to make OpeneBayIdentityProviderService.login request of type XML

Open eBay Apps: Trouble starting app

I am subscribed to an Open eBay App and having trouble with starting the app. How can I move forward...

GetItemTransactions sample using .NET SDK C#

How can I make a simple GetItemTransactions call using the .NET SDK (C#)?

Undeliverable mail message

I received a mail from eBay saying ‘Your last message to [recipient mail address] was not delivered....

PayPal didn't notify eBay seller that a transaction was under review

How come the payment status didn't change for my order when the transaction was under review?

LeaveFeedback sample using .NET SDK VB

How can I make a simple LeaveFeedback call using the .NET SDK (VB)?

eBay Catalog issues: Error 21916689 - No Product Found or 21916691 - Invalid value, incorrect product data

Are you having eBay Catalog issues?  Are you getting ErrorCode 21916689 "No Product Found....