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Differences in GalleryURL in GetItem and search related calls

Why is the value of GalleryURL returned in the response not the same for different API Calls?

Items do not show up in search

I have listed my item via the API, but when I search on the site using keywords that I have in my ti...

Accessing properties of objects returned in response using JSON

I am trying to access the ConvertedCurrentPrice for an Item returned by findItemsAdvanced (Finding A...

Conducting search using the Finding API

How can I search for items and filter results like the web search. Here is a sample search - http://...

XML Sample application: Finding API call from windows

XML Sample application: Finding API call from windows

Finding API - Java and JAX-WS SOAP Sample

How can I generate Java code stubs against Finding API WSDL using wsimport tool and make Finding API...

Sending POST request for Shopping API via Flex

Making POST request for Shopping API via Flex

Finding API - C#.NET code sample to call Finding API using .NET framework.

How to call FindingService - findItemsByKeywords API from .NET framework using SOAP request

Finding API: FeaturedOnly itemFilter results do not match the ebay website search results

Why does FeaturedOnly filter in the Finding API not return the same items which appear in the "Featu...

Why does the Aspect Histogram not return my item specific value in my Finding API response?

I am using the Finding API and have specified the Output Selector to return the Aspect Histogram. I...