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How does the eBay API return time stamp data?

How does the eBay API return time stamp data?

API and SDK Documentation

Can I download and print the eBay XML API Documentation?

What Server URL should I use when I make API calls

What Server URL should I use when I make API calls?

Call is not returning all the fields for an object

I am making a call to GetSellerList, but I do not get back the attribute information in the Item Obj...

All of my API calls are returning HTTP 500 errors - How to Troubleshoot

My calls were working fine yesterday, but today I'm getting HTTP 500 errors. What happened?

What is the difference between Platform Notifications and Client Alerts?

With the new Client Alerts technology available, should I use Client Alerts or Platform Notification...

Does a keyset expire?

Does a keyset expire? Should I go through some process to renew my keyset?

Why am I not receiving the ItemEnded Client Alert for fixed-price items?

I'm using public Client Alerts, to track ending items as outlined in the Client Alerts API Guide. H...

Making calls to different eBay sites

How can I make API calls against different eBay sites?

Identity confirmation during Auth & Auth flow

Some of my users are being asked to confirm their identify when I send them through the auth & a...