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How to speed up the Compatible Application Check process

What should I do to ensure that my application gets Compatible Application Check quickly?

Finding the order that contains an item

As a seller, how do I find out in which order the buyer placed an item?

IllegalStateException in SOAP responses

When I make SOAP GetItem calls I sometimes get an IllegalStateException. What can I do about this?

Inconsistent Version number returned for GetCategories

The GetCategories call is sometimes returning version 49 (old version) and sometimes returning versi...

UPI Dispute not changing status even though response was made

The status of an Unpaid Item Dispute does not appear to be correct. The last response was made by t...

StateOrProvince field in a user's Address can have data in varyiing formats

I am seeing data in varying formats in the StateOrProvince field in a ShippingAddress. Is there a st...

Which PayPal email address is used in a combined payment through Paypal for multiple items

I have a combined payment for some items for which the combined payment was made through PayPal. The...

PaidTime and ShippedTime

CompleteSale will set a transaction as PaymentReceived and Shipped. How can I retrieve this informat...

Feedback score gets reset to Zero on the sandbox

Why does my feedback score get reset to zero on the sandbox?

How to get a list of all the successful items and also the ones that ended but did not sell

How do I find the items that ended successfully and also the ones that ended but did not sell?