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BUG: Revise Your Item flow on may corrupt Descriptions that use links to anchors within the Description

  • Answer ID 203
  • Published 10/08/2004 07:18 AM
  • Updated 10/20/2013 06:41 AM
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Revising an item through the Revise Your Item flow on directly, using the html editor built into the revise pages will corrupt links that point to anchor tags within the Description.
The following scenario will cause the unwanted result:

The customer goes into the Revise Your Item flow and clicks into the Description area in the "Standard" view of the "Revise Your Item: Title & Description" page. The customer then clicks on the "Enter your own HTML" link and all the relative paths are converted to full paths. If the Revise is committed at any time after this within the same browser session, then the links will be messed up in ViewItem. If the customer never clicks into the Description area when in the "Standard" view, then the links are not converted if the user clicks on the "Enter your own HTML" link. If the user never even clicks into the Description areas at all, then the links are not converted.

This behavior is due to the browser and how the HTML editor interacts with the browser, and is absolutely not due to any intended action taken by eBay during the Revise process.

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