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LMS: Java Sample Project

  • Answer ID 1423
  • Published 03/12/2019 04:54 PM
  • Updated 03/12/2019 04:55 PM
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  This sample LMS Java application illustrates the use of JAX-WS framework to make the Bulk Data Exchange and File Transfer service calls and perform several end-to-end operations.

  Detailed Description



  •  Download and extract the attached compressed file which contains:
    • LMSSample.jar file, a sample AddFixedPriceItem.xml file and configruation.xml  file
    • a src folder which contains the java source files of this application
    • lib/jaxws-ri folder for  JAX-WS jars
    • README.txt file
    • WSDL folder contains both BulkDataExchangeService.wsdl and FileTransferService.wsdl files
    • build.xml, the ant script is used to build the LMSSample project
    • jaxws-codeGen.xml an ant script  which enables you to genereate and compile  the stub files against the wsdls saved in WSDL directory

  •   Make sure both Configruation.xml file and lib directory are in the same folder as the LMSSample.jar
  •   You will need to edit the Configruation.xml file and specify your user auth token

  •   To display usage information from the command line, go to the LMSSample installation folder  folder and type the following: 
    •      > java -jar LMSSample.jar       
  •   To run an end to end UploadFile operation, type the following:
    •      > java -jar LMSSample.jar UploadJobEnd2End  AddFixedPriceItem.xml  downloadResponse.gz
  •   To run an end to end DownLoad operation, type the following:
    •     > java -jar LMSSample.jar DownloadJobEnd2End SoldReport


 When need to synchronize the source with new version of WSDLs

  •   To  generate and compile Bulk Data Exchange Service and File Transfer Service client stub  files, do the following:
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